Besides the accommodation services and the generous offer of our Chinese restaurant, here you can organize special events such as weddings, christenings, banquets, private parties, conferences for companies and institutions, in a pleasant ambiance, with qualified personnel and attention to every detail. For special events, our chef will delight you with Chinese, Romanian or international dishes and a wide selection of beverages.

Chinese Restaurant

DHS restaurant is where you find traditional Chinese dishes cooked especially after Chinese food recipes in a harmonious color, taste, flavor and consistency of food.

Chinese Food

Traditional Chinese dishes are distinguished in particular by the short time cooking, but also by mixing balanced and healthy meat with fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

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Need a location for organizing events in Deva? Are you looking for a place to stay in Deva, Hunedoara or Simeria? Looking for a Chinese restaurant with traditional Chinese food? You're welcome at Motel DHS Deva.

Events in Deva

DHS Deva restaurant is an excellent choice for event management organization, in a pleasant environment, both the restaurant and the adjoining terrace.

  • Organizing special events
  • Customized training arrangements
  • Diversified menus
  • Gastronomic quality at low prices

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Accommodation in Deva

The motel DHS is located between Deva and Simeria, just a few miles from Hunedoara and offers you 10 rooms decorated in Chinese style and at European standards.

  • Single, double, apartments
  • Comfortable rooms, air conditioning
  • Optimal accommodation, appropriate services
  • Offers generous, facilities for children

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Chinese Restaurant in Deva

DHS Chinese Restaurant is located inside the motel DHS Deva and offers a variety of cooked dishes and especially after traditional Chinese recipes.

  • Traditional Chinese Cuisine
  • Chinese Chef
  • Staff trained in China
  • Planning nice Chinese style

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