Be My ValentineThis year you don’t have to worry anymore for the place in which you will spend your and your lover’s most important day because the Deva DHS Chinese Restaurant can make from the Valentine’s Day evening an unforgettable one.

Valentine's_day11Light up the love you share by getting out of your daily pattern and offer to your love one an exquisite menu. You don’t have to think anymore over a perfect homemade dinner, which many times doesn’t go the way you would like to, or to go out at a restaurant that might not be as romantic as you would like for such an evening.

The Deva DHS Chinese Restaurant is the perfect place because they planned everything for the Valentine’s Day romantic evening – a special ambiance with Chinese food and its mysterious flavours, scented candles, flowers and welcoming aromas, rooms set up with “love” and romantic music will make you feel the love in the air in your and your lover’s most important day.

Valentine's_day18So, if you want to enjoy an unforgettable romantic evening all you have to do is to make a reservation here or call 0254.236.990 for your Valentine’s Day evening at the Deva DHS Chinese Restaurant.